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K9 Warriors

Non Profit Organization Supporting Working Dogs since 2015



Welcome to K9 Warriors, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing support and care for active duty and retired working dogs.

Our mission is to show appreciation for these loyal and brave animals who have served our country. We send care packages and support to K9s and their handlers.



We started this project in 2015 as a way to show our support to working dogs & their handlers.

Our founder, Bella, became inspired to start K9 Warriors after reading the book, Navy Seal Dogs, by Mike Ritland, and she was fascinated by how extremely talented these working dog teams are. We started small, only sending packages to deployed MWD teams, and eventually we received enough donations and were able to expand to supporting Police K9 Units around the world. Fast forward to now, we are able to support ALL working dogs, active duty & retired. We have made some of the most incredible, life long friendships through K9 Warriors & we are forever grateful for every single team.

Creating Positive Impact One Care Package at a Time

In 2015, K9 Warriors started as a small organization with a big mission.

Our founder saw a need to support our military personnel and their furry companions who serve alongside them. We began by sending care packages containing essential items for both the handlers and their K9 counterparts. With the support of donors, we were able to expand more and more each year.

Today, we continue to provide support to these incredible four-legged friends in various ways.

Our Founder, Bella, and her soul dog, Minnie, packed boxes together for years at home.

Minnie was and forever will be a huge part of K9 Warriors and she is so deeply missed.

Minnie - October 2006 - October 2023 

Photos From K9 Teams We've Supported


First I’d like to take the opportunity to say thank you to K-9 Warriors. 
    I was a K-9 handler from 2012-2019 with Greenville City PD in SC. My K9, K9 Rocky, was given a wonderful package from this organization which had all kinds of good stuff, which Rocky’s favorite was the Kong! 
   Most importantly, Bella was so involved in this program that she would constantly take time out of her day to come and meet all of my team in which showed us (especially myself) that people care and appreciate the work we do! 
   K-9 warriors became a HUGE memory in my career and I am forever grateful for the gifts and friendship I established from the love shown to my partner and myself! 

       Thank you K-9 Warriors!!! 

K9 Warriors is such a fantastic company and extremely supportive of our working dogs! Over the years, my law enforcement patrol/apprehension K9 (Solo) has received a few packages. Each package has been extremely generous, well thought out, and clearly well researched. Working dogs aren’t normal pets, as such they require top notch gear, training aids, etc. K9 Warriors always sends vetted and useful toys and gear! Often times, K9 teams are ran on donations, therefore can’t always afford the best of things. Receiving these packages has always been super rewarding, for both K9 and handler alike!

I first met Bella while I was deployed to the Middle East. Bella was just starting her own organization and wanted to take care of deployed military working dogs. Bella sent me and the other handlers with me multiple care packages full of awesome gear, toys and treats which all the dogs enjoyed and were thankful for. I am proud to be a part of her journey and happy to fully support her organization. The support and care she provided for our working dogs was amazing! Please help support this awesome cause!!

Sergeant Jeff Burdette

Retired Detective Cotte

Officer Aaron Souza

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