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K9 Warriors


What we do

At K9 Warriors, we recognize the importance of K9 teams who are vital members of our military & police teams. We are a non-profit organization, providing care packages and support to ensure their well-being while on & off duty. Join us in our mission to show these loyal and brave companions the appreciation they deserve.

Our Founder

Hi there! My name is Bella, and I'm the founder of K9 Warriors. I created this organization in 2015 after reading Navy Seal Dogs by Mike Ritland. The book really fascinated me by how extremely talented these working dog teams are. I knew I wanted to create a way to help and support these incredible working dog teams. Essentially I combined two of my greatest loves, shopping & dogs, and created K9 Warriors. Getting to shop for these packages and fill them with really cool products and ship them to these teams has been absolutely incredible. 

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